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And despite the talk of all things wrong with the documentary, it is still ranked one of the most watched and talked about shows all over the world, especially in India. In the documentary, Sima Taparia, an elite Indian matchmaker, tries to find appropriate matches in India and America for all her clients, touring the houses of prospective brides and grooms while taking note of their criteria and collecting biographical details. Deciding to not include Muslims on the show neglected to provide a closer look into the demographics of India. Arranged marriages are common in the Indian Muslim community. Families are greatly involved, and parents play a key role in the matchmaking process. Indian Matchmaking missed the mark in telling the story of Muslims in India going through the process of finding their life partner. In the age of a growing population of Muslims in India, the lack of representation in the Indian media might be the least concerning. And while representation lacked on this documentary, there are other aspects of Muslims in India which need to be brought to light. There are still issues of discrimination that occur — whether it be in employment opportunities, political representation, or public accommodations and housing, Muslims in India must be provided fair and equitable resources and representation. Watch: The Power of Perseverance.

Is ‘Indian Matchmaking’ realistic? Four UAE couples on how arranged marriages are evolving

On Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking,” marriage consultant Sima Taparia travels the world to meet with hopeful clients and help them find the perfect match for an arranged marriage. The format of the show is simple. Hopeful brides- and grooms-to-be meet with Taparia — often with their overbearing parents in tow — for an initial consultation.

Criteria are laid out, potential suitors are presented on paper, dates are arranged, and then it’s up to the couple to decide if it’s a match.

Netflix describes the show: “over 8 episodes, elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia learns about her clients with painstaking precision as.

With his team of relationship managers, counsellors, photographers, chartered accountants and a sophisticated software that helps sort out matches based on location, community, age and height, among other filters, Goswami found a life partner for the year-old that checked all the boxes. I met a lot of people and my family stepped in only when I was sure. Read The evolution of marriage, from strictly arranged to semi-arranged.

But I dated my wife for a year before the wedding. They run background checks, match horoscopes, caste and family wealth, and even discuss prickly subjects like dowry. Many of these stages of Indian matchmaking and the misogyny, casteism and sexism that they sometimes reveal recently found a global audience through an eight-part series on Netflix. The show was panned as regressive, but does it hold a mirror to the modern matchmaker?

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Elite Indian Matchmaking 23 06 – Netflix Orders Unscripted Indian Matchmaking Series and Autism Dating. Elite Indian matchmaker Seema Taparia is.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Breaking news. Property Rates. July 31, Web Desk. The eight-part docuseries features elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia as she goes about trying to find suitable matches for her wealthy clients in India and the United States.

Netflix show ‘Indian Matchmaking’ gains immese popularity in Pakistan

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“Indian Matchmaking” takes a look at romance within the Indian culture and the Elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia guides the participants.

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The BBC is like a disapproving relative – it doesn’t get entertainment and doesn’t want to

Marriage — an eight lettered word, carrying the bond between two individuals, their emotions, rituals, and cultures. It is a divine beginning of a new blissful journey holding hands together. Indian marriages, unlike western culture, not only revolve around the two individuals marrying each other but it also cares about their family, their traditions, cultures, rituals and the understanding of both the families.

When everything settles down, the relation cultivates to the bond of lifetime.

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What influences our youth to set aside their enterprising, free-wheeling spirit to follow the well-trodden path of arranged marriages? Part of the answer lies in the deep socialisation process, which is woven into the fabric of the close-knit extended Indian family, and its rootedness in the larger network of society. The young too seem to believe in the cultural definition of marriage as a family affair, rather than an individual undertaking.

Harmony and shared values arising from common backgrounds are seen as more important than individual attraction. The common grounds provided by an arranged match — familiar customs, foods, relatives, incomes, etc — also helps in negotiating the dark thicket of matchmaking.

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Her passive-aggressiveness aside, the looks of quiet judgement have made her a meme star and the series a hit. Most Pakistanis are familiar with the trolley routine where a girl brings tea for a prospective groom and his family, but that is not what happens on this show. Instead, the couples are shown bio-datas and asked to go on dates at restaurants and other public places to see if there is enough connection to take the matter further. While this may seem more open than the more chaperoned Pakistani style of matrimony, the family control and sky-high expectations are strikingly similar.

One of Taparia’s clients is a Houston-based lawyer named Aparna, who comes across as a perfectionist, one who needs her life partner to know that the country of Bolivia has salt flats because she is fond of travelling. Meanwhile Akshay, a traditional young man from a wealthy family who wants someone just like his mother —has turned down over 70 young women on the basis of their photographs alone— is not so thoroughly examined.

For many, though Indian Matchmaking has opened up a space for discussion and introspection, but finding a spouse is too often reduced to a stark algorithm of materialistic requirements. But men do not escape judgment entirely in this show either; another wealthy young bachelor is Pradhyuman, a jewellery designer from Mumbai, who has rejected even more young women, plus at last count who also faced criticism. His self-absorption and lack of connectivity with any of the women he was matched with was pretty evident.

The Trouble with Indian Matrimony: Matchmaker, Make me a Match!

In doing so, the show has sparked controversy for its high value placed on archaic beauty standards and hierarchical expectations. This leads the audience to question where the cast is currently. Aparna Shewakramani was the first cast member to be introduced to the audience. However, Aparna keeps in contact with her matches and this brings happiness to fans as there is strong confidence that Aparna will find someone worthy of her values. This Guyanese cast member was an instant fan favorite due to her positive and light-hearted personality.

Throughout her time on the show, Nadia was matched with 3 individuals.

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